Would you like to become a Satory Model?


We kindly ask for the following requirements:

- Women at least 1.72cm tall, Men at least 185cm tall
- Women size 34 (max 91 cm hips), Men size 46-48


- Women at least 176cm tall, Men at least 184cm tall

- Women: size 36-38 (max. 94cm hips), Men 48-52



- at least 1.74cm tall
- at least a size 42


Send an email to hello@satorymodels.com with the subject "become a model" and:
- Age, real height
- Bust/Chest, waist and hip-width (see below for how to measure)
-Some pictures (not too large files, max. 2MB) from your face and body. Error when sending? The files are too large, send them via wetransfer.com
Prefer photos without make up front and profile in natural light as the example below

Good luck!

Don´t know how to measure? Click here!